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Aldnoah Zero



“Let Justice be done, Though the Heaven falls.” That’s the motto used by this series. In 1972, the Apollo 17 mission discovered a hypergate to Mars on the surface of the moon. Soon, a war breaks out between Earth and Mars, and Martian soldiers begin to descend from the sky, riding steel giants, intent on exterminating humanity.


Japanese Title: アルドノア・ゼロ

Alternate Title: Aldnoah.Zero


Episodes Information:

Subs: Horriblesubs / Zero-Subs (EP09 only)

Format: Matroska (.mkv)

Resolution: 848×480 (480p)

Download Website: MEGA

Size: Less than 100MB (<100MB)

Episode Length: Approximately 24 minutes per episode

Theme Song: Kalafina ~ Heavenly Blue




Episode 1 | Episode 2

Episode 3 | Episode 4

Episode 5 | Episode 6

Episode 7 | Episode 8

Episode 9 | Episode 10

Episode 11 | Episode 12


(Season 2 Confirmed)

Theme Song Download: Link

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