Ef – A Tale of Memories

Tale Of Memories



Happiness, Sadness, marvelous ending, this series of anime contains all the ingredients to nominate itself a 10-stars series. SHAFT has done its best in its animation together with the story. “Do you have memories that you don’t want to forget?”, a verse being used throughout the tragic-happiness-mix storyline. There are two sides of stories in this series, but connected through the relationship siblings. The connection is just being indicated through phone sms. The story begins with Miyamura, a stranger meets Hiro. Miyamura borrows Hiro bikes to chase a thief but falls unconscious during the chase. The two of them begins to talk and enjoy the christmas night. However, Hiro miss his meeting with Kei on that night. Another story begins with Renji, a boy who’s wondering what he wants to become. He met Chihiro, Kei’s little sister at an abandoned train station. Soon, the two of them become friends, but Renji then realizes that Chihiro has only 13 hours interval of memories since a childhood accident. How will the story continue, you shall discover a lot of feelings throughout the story to the end of the line…


Japanese Title: ef – a tale of memories

Alternate Title: ef ~ A Tale of Memories


Episodes Information:

Source: BD

Sub: DAE

Format: Matroska (.mkv)

Resolution: 853×480 (480p)

Download Website: MEGA

Size: Less than 105MB (<105MB)

Duration: Approximately 24 minutes per special episode

Theme Song: ELISA ~ Euphoric Field


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