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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we get asked quite often. Please read here first before e-mailing us. If we are e-mailed about a question that is here, you will receive a generic response of “Please read the FAQ.”

Also, if the question is related to a particular anime, please post in the comments on that anime page so that we can keep things in order. Thanks!

How do I view the content?
While anime is available without logging in, you must register for the site and log in to view manga, leave comments on posts, and leave requests. Once logged in, you will have access to the Manga Center located in the Access Menu in the top menu bar of the site.
There is an anime that I really want to see, can I suggest it to you?
Of course! Please use the “Requests” link located in the menu on the left. You must be registered to leave a requests. We no longer accept requests in the chat box. All requests are taken seriously and we will begin to work on them right away!
One of the links are no longer active. How can I let you know so that it can be re-uploaded?
If anything needs to be re-uploaded, please leave a comment on that anime post to let us know. Do not use the chat box for this.
What do I need to view these episodes?
Every anime on the site can be played with VLC Media Player. I highly recommend it as it can play almost any type of video file. It is free software available for download for Windows and Mac. Most of the anime on the site are also compatible with certain HD televisions that accept input via USB files or a media server.
Can I have a direct link to files instead of you using file sharing sites?
No. I do this to conserve bandwidth. The site wouldn’t even last a week if we hosted all of these files. (Trust me, we’ve tried numerous times.) Please don’t ask us to make such changes. As finances allow, we will make the appropriate adjustments. Features such as these require lots of donations from our visitors, so if you do not wish to pay anything, the file sharing sites are the best that we can offer at this time.
Can you send me any files by e-mail, snail mail or other means?
No, we simply do not have the time to do that, and it isn’t fair to others. We’ve spent time making this site for you to utilize its content.
I e-mailed you a question, and you did not respond. Did you ignore it?
We don’t usually ignore e-mails. Sometimes we can get hundreds of e-mails a day and it will take time to get to them all. If you just e-mail saying, “The episodes aren’t working can you fix them?” We will probably ignore it if you did not explain the problem that you are experiencing. Usually, we will respond to any e-mails like that with, “Please read the FAQ.” We have no intentions of being rude in an e-mail, but many common questions are listed here. If you want to send any friendly comments, suggestions, or questions not listed here, please feel free to do so.
Where can I download [insert item] from?
We are hosting an anime site, so it’s a bit insulting to for another site to go to. Please don’t ask for other sites (unless they are non-anime download related), as I really don’t visit many other anime download sites. Instead, try leaving us a request. Also, do not post any links to other sites in the chat box, comments, or anywhere else on this site unless they are an Affiliate to us. This respects both this site and our friends. Thanks!

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