Love Live School Idol Project S2

Love Live Season 2

After much suggestions from Eri and other students, Honaka has been chosen to be the next Student Council President of Otonokizaka Academy as successor of Eri. Now, Honoka together with Kotori as her assistant have to take on multiple tasks. However, suddenly, the second Love Live competition is announced. Instead of choosing teams from overall ranking for Love Live participants, the entry of Love Live competition requires participants to compete and become the champion of each of their district. Honoka and others are now determined to get through all the hardships to participate in Love Live. Most of all, they aim to become the number one Idol team in Love Live.

Japanese Title: ラブライブ! Season 2

Alternate Title: Rabu Raibu! Season 2
Episodes Information:
Subs: FFF
Format: Matroska (.mkv)
Resolution: 1280×720 (720p)
Download Website: MEGA
Episode Length: Approximately 24 minutes per episode
Theme Song: μ’s ~ Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki

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