Lupin vs Detective Conan Movie 2

Lupin vs Conan Movie 2



It is a cross over between the series Lupin III and Detective Conan and takes place after the television special Lupin the 3rd vs Detective Conan. The plot follows Conan Edogawa who sets out to apprehend Arsène Lupin III, the suspect of stealing a jewel called Cherry Sapphire. Meanwhile, there is another organization plotting behind the scenes.


Japanese Title: ルパン三世vs.名探偵コナン Movie 2

Alternate Title: Rupan Sansei vs. Meitantei Conan Movie 2


Video Information:

Source: BD

Sub: Hubuki

Format: Matroska (.mkv)

Resolution: 848×480 (480p)

Size: 388MB

Download Website: MEGA

Movie Length: 1 hour and 28 minutes



Movie Download: Link

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